Our Barge - Vrouwe Johanna

Barge Vrouwe Johanna

Vrouwe Johanna is a Groningen Boltjalk built in 1905.

19 metres long, 4.15 wide, 2.85 air-draft, 0.8 draft

Ford 6-cylinder engine, 100 Hp and a 44 Hp White (Hercules) Generator.

The hull is iron and the top-sides are steel and both need protecting and painting.

We bought the boat in Dronten, Holland and moored for 2 years in Zwartsluis before trundling down to Burgundy, Central France

From the back - Engine room, wheelhouse, kitchen, loo one,

lounge shower room, bed two, bed one, storage hole

We have done a lot of work on her. Some of it actually improved things.

See how she looks now. Here

This is some of the work we've done. The Renovations