Flawed Liaisons

Flawed Liaisons

A Novel

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                            Harry      Dunn is an ordinary man living an ordinary life before a series of events turn his world upside down. He is forced to run as his life implodes. He hides away among the destitute in a prosperous market town where he befriends Mary, a woman tormented by her own demons. They have to trust one other because there is nobody else.

     Harry is on the very brink before a surprise inheritance offers him a lifeline. But it comes at a price. Both he and Mary are forced to confront their pasts as together they try to unravel the mystery at the heart of Harry's downfall. What they discover is unpleasant – very unpleasant.


.......It was twenty past four in the morning - the moment he learned he was alone.

He opened the door to two uniformed police officers, one male, one female. They stood in the harsh glare of the outside light as rain dripped from the porch roof on to the steps behind them. They removed their caps simultaneously and held them with a sort of embarrassed reverence. He knew something was wrong - you do don't you, you can just tell.

'Mr Dunn?' asked the female. 'Mr Harry Dunn?' .........

And so it began.

You can find the book here: 'Flawed Liaisons'

'You know, it's really rather good.' A (discerning) reader

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