Midwife Ivy Ellis

Littleborough Midwife Ivy Ellis

Do you recognize any of these names??

Parent / Grandparent?

All these photos will be on display at Hare Hill House


Sat & Sun 8th / 9th September

Sat & Sun 15th / 16th September

Between 11.00 and 1500 each day

Ivy Ellis

Adrian Brennan

Alan Ambler

Audrey and Frank Matthews

Baby Dowd

Baby Duckworth 1931

Barry Drury 1936

Betty Hetherington

Broome 1937

Kathleen Bamford 1932

Catherine Mills 1943

Christine Renshaw

Colette Cuirot

Derek Brabin 1931

Dorothy and Jesse Butterworth 1938

Dorothy Matthews 1942

Frank Matthews

Gerald and Martin (twins)

Harry Tattersall

Harry Rigg 1947 (aged 3)

Ian Howarth

Jean Pate

John Kershaw

John Michael Topham (Buckley Pastures Farm)

Joyce Greenwood

Kathleen and Eileen Chadwick 1932

Kathleen and Peter Makepiece

Kathleen Birdsall 1943

Kathleen with playmate and Tigger (dog) at Epworth

Keith Burrill 1938

Lucy Stafford

Malcolm Woodhouse

Margaret Whitehead

Mavis Howarth

Michael Kershaw

Neville Chadwick 1936

Norma and Sybil Hargreaves

Norma Emmington

Baby Parsons 1934

Sadie Flinders 1939 (Aged 9 ½ months)

Sybil Wain 1931

Terry and Garvey (or Garrey) Twins

Tony Pollit

Valerie Holt and Malcolm Webster

William Hughes 1940

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Jan or Jo May - 07487 826827 or 07891 585793