First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Keep a kit in a mobile case on your home / car (should you need to transport it to someone else in trouble)

Triangular bandages

Splints for arm or leg - (4mm plywood x 75mm wide 1@500mm 1@700mm)

Cotton bandages – (50mm and 75mm)

Micropore tape – (25mm)

Tape sutures – (Steristrip)

Crepe Bandages – 75mm & 100mm (support for sprains / strained joints etc.)

Assorted plasters

Tweezers – (removing splinters wasp / bee stings)

Antiseptic Skin cleansing fluid – (to minimise infection to minor wounds)

Wound dressings – (finger type and square – assorted sizes)

Burn dressings (pre-packed, sterile and transparent – cling film useful for larger areas)

Antihistamine cream with cortisone and local anaesthesia – (bites and stings to reduce local irritation and inflammation

Clinical thermometer – (normal temp is 37 degrees centigrade)

Gauze swabs – (100mm x 100mm)

Eye wash – (sterile liquid)

Eye drops / ointment – (for eye infection / irritation after foreign body etc.)

Antacids – (tablets / liquid for indigestion)

Safety Pins – (assorted sizes)

Supply of fluid for diarrhoea / vomiting – (isotonic drinks - glucose with sodium and potassium eg sports energy drinks

and / or simple lemonade)

Anti diarrhoea medications – (not a cure but for symptom relief)

Small pen torch – (particularly for testing pupil reaction)

Scissors / knife

Disposable gloves

And get some proper First Aid training, after which (dependant on level of training):

Aspirin tablets (soluble / chewable) – For suspected heart attack

Antihistamine cream and tablets

Analgesic tablets eg paracetamol – dosage monitoring essential

Cortisone cream – (for allergic skin reactions – except for broken skin)

Airway – (for use during CPR – ie protection barrier between helper and casualty)

Glucose or sugar solution – (for diabetic / insulin coma – eg sports energy drink)

Blood pressure machine – (not essential but can indicate illness – average 120/80)

Check use-by dates on drugs / creams etc. regularly

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