Vrouwe Johanna Renovations

The Renovations

'The Project was a triumph of endeavour over ability'. Jo May 2010


The boats innards were rather 'basic' when we bought her.


Pretty neglected, pongy and not really fit to live on - even for folks like us with low expectations.


It's taken a lot of effort using skills I learned as a baker to turn her from a scabby old pie tin to a Black Forest Bateau, work includes:

  • Totally new bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom


  • Installing a multi-fuel stove (and then moving it due to a planning cock-up!)


  • Up-graded central heating


  • Re-vamping the lounge, wheelhouse and 'cloak-room'


These links on the right walk you through a reconstructive horror story!

From this

In the twinkling of an eye


Or 3 years - plenty of Euros, enough wine to drown a horse, hundreds of bruises and a strained marriage