Types of fracture


Closed Where skin is unbroken


Open External would leading to fracture site. The bone may be protruding.



Treatment for closed fracture


Upper limbs:


• support in a comfortable position

• arrange transport to hospital according to severity


Lower limbs:


• do not move unless in imminent danger

• Do not attempt to straighten limbs.

• Call for ambulance



Treatment for open fracture


• DO NOT move the casualty until the injured part is secure unless he is in danger

• DO NOT let the casualty have anything to eat or drink

• If you can, get help to support the limb while you work on the wound

• Secure the dressing and padding, bandage firmly, but not so tightly that the circulation is impeded

• Dial 999 for an ambulance

• Treat for shock

• Check circulation every 10 mins

• Do not touch the exposed bone

• Be careful not to let cotton wool touch the wound



For open and closed fractures be prepared to treat for shock



Where spinal or neck injury is suspected do not move the casualty unless life is threatened and Keep the head still


Call for ambulance and reassure



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