A Barge at Large

'Live on a boat? You must be joking,' said our friends......but we did, for 12 years.


Jo's 'At Large' series chronicles his travels on three different boats in the UK, Holland, Belgium and France.


A Barge at Large is one of those books......

....... it covers five years when Jo and Jan buy and renovate a 110-year-old Dutch Barge in Holland before heading south, via Belgium, to Burgundy in France.


Cheese, chocolate and wine shared with some wonderful, wacky people on a sunlit, watery stage.

"Joyfully written, thoroughly entertaining and often laugh out loud funny. A thoroughly good read. Recommended!"

- Colin Barrett


"Amusing, descriptive and interesting. If you love boating and canals you'll love this."

- Anonymous

We have sold our dear old boat. Sad day for us.

The last three days with her was an exciting final chapter - one of many that we can look back on and say: 'Did all that really happen?'


** Read - the final 72 hours **

'This is a real page turner. I was gripped from the first page, great characters and would make a very good TV drama.


- Teresa Barrett



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We give talks on our boating experiences accompanied by photos of our travels and boat-building exploits


...Jo and Jan's talk was entertaining, educational, amusing and a little poignant.


....very inspiring and homourous