Boating Books

'Live on a boat? You must be joking,' said our friends......but we did, for 12 years.


Jo has written three boating books.

They chronicle his travels on three different boats in the UK, Holland, Belgium and France.

"Joyfully written, thoroughly entertaining and often laugh out loud funny. A thoroughly good read. Recommended!"

- Colin Barrett

We have sold our dear old boat. Sad day for us.

The last three days with her was an exciting final chapter - one of many that we can look back on and say: 'Did all that really happen?'


** Read - the final 72 hours **


Introducing Jo's new novel.


The Marina


A group of boat-dwellers band together to fight a local big-wig determined to build on their vegetable patch!

Will the boaters win the day or have they simply lost the plot?



'Well written and amusing at times, amongst the serious situation the boaters found themselves in. His way with words comes across both descriptive and detailed. A good flow throughout the book. A really enjoyable read.'


(Amazon review)

'This is a real page turner. I was gripped from the first page, great characters and would make a very good TV drama.


Teresa Barrett